The Real Millionaires Were Not The Miners But The Owners And Sellers Of Tools!

Just for a moment..

Lets go back to the time of the great gold rush of 1847 in California..

Now while there were great stories of people that got rich by mining the Gold..

The real story is there were a lot more who lost everything, and went away broke!

Think about what happened to those tools?

Much of the time, a miner, sold his claim, his tools and his equipment back to the person who
sold them to him!

So in some cases the owner of the tools found gold after all..
But most of the time, the owner could resell those tools to another miner, with dreams of striking it rich!

In today’s world, that hope of striking it rich, is the internet, and different companies with a product, that the “miners” think will help them strike it rich..

But just like in the times of the great Gold Rush, most of those miners give up before hitting the “mother lode”

The real riches are found in having the real authentic gold in the training and tools necessary to building a sustainable business online!

I think I will make this a series bringing you through the reasons why I chose to be the Owner of Tools, rather than the Miner hoping to strike it rich on the internet!  Learn More

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