The Real Secret of Network Marketing

It shouldn’t actually be a secret‚ it should be something we know. We were told it was a sales business. Its not.

Its a relationship business. Actually if you want to know the real truth…. sh don’t tell anyone‚its all about relationships‚ let it out of the bag!

No one wanted me to tell you that‚ they want you to think you have to hard-sell. Not only is that not fun‚ the prospect doesn’t like it‚ it doesn’t work‚ and you come out feeling crummy‚rejected. Not a pretty picture!

When you actually talk to people and you genuinely care‚ give them value‚ and don’t make it about getting a sale‚ but about them! The picture changes! You’re the good guy!

it teaches you those real skills you have not gotten and without an agenda‚ no one actually telling you that you were wrong‚ no one saying their way or the highway‚ or any other nonsense like that‚ you don’t really want to hear!

Just as an example I just got off of an incredible call that taught how listening to the person can create sales even bigger than what you might have gotten with your canned speech or script!




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