How To Recruit Up In Your MLM Company

This is a big topic because lets face it recruiting is the life blood of your business. I have been talking about how to get and talk to leads. If you didn’t yet read them I would advise going and getting those to. Why do you want to call your leads How to call your leads

How to get started Now I just came off of the Go Pro MLM Cold Marketing Mastermind hosted by MLM veteran Eric Worre. I will be sharing pieces of what I got and believe are valuable to you. (DISCLAIMER) there is no possible way I can give you every detail of this even as there was just too much.

And also many times the content will be filtered through my eyes. You May get a much different take. I highly recommend going to live events and I will be sharing more about that in future posts. One of the first speakers was Todd Falcone‚ a 20-year veteran in the network marketing industry. I have bought a lot of his stuff and he has solid solid stuff about recruiting. In fact I am going to share a resource with you to get his exact script before I am done.

Recruiting Up

One of the big things I didn’t get for a long time is this concept. They say to go to the warm market right? Well all of my warm market was just like me not only broke‚ but they had broke thinking.

What I mean by that is they can’t see beyond their paycheck. They can’t even imagine doing any better. Increasing by $500 is beyond their imagination. Actually taking $500 to invest in their future is out of their question.
So that is why I didn’t recruit many of the people in my warm market. But Todd shared a secret that many don’t get. When you go to those people that are broke and in a dead-end job‚ or have been unemployed for a year‚ and they have given up. They are negative‚ definitely not open‚ suspicious. Right?

They ask you all of those lame questions like‚ is this a pyramid? Recruiting up is basically realizing there are people‚ sharp people right in our own neighborhoods that will be open‚ sharp‚ and are already doing much of the same things that we teach right now! Who are they? The business owner‚ the Realtor‚ the Insurance Agent‚ the Mortgage Broker‚ The Sales professional.

That is what he meant by recruiting up. Go to people that already can conceive of doing something like we do. Another thing that is true about them is that they already understand that their money comes from their performance! Brilliant!

Chicken List

Many of us have people that we actually know. I know if you are like me you were afraid to talk to them. Well so was I. Until I got a hold of this cool script book written by Todd. He calls it the Little Black Book Of Scripts. I have mine.

Its really easy. And its a great way to recruit the people that you really want in your organization! So the next time you are going past a Real Estate sign‚ copy down that person’s info‚ and use this script to talk to them and get them in!


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