Reflections On My Year

I think a lot of people look back at a year and say what did I accomplish? Why aren’t I where I want to go? What did I do wrong?

Yes its good to answer those questions and re-set the sail, but there are also these:

What did I accomplish? What went really great? What good did I achieve that I may not have expected or plan for? What wind-fall did you take advantage of? Who came into your life that has blessed it. What attitude did you change? What habit did you change? What new habit did you adopt that helped you make better decisions?

One of my major ones was to realize I took steps down the wrong road, backed up and got on the right one. That can be as simple as keeping a calendar, aligning with new mentors, getting around positive people. Sometimes I have to see a huge difference to realize it, but it has been small most of the time, sometimes baby steps. But each step gets you somewhere combined with the other steps.

If we stumble rather than bonking ourselves over the head, we need to say what have I learned from this experience? What has it done for me? How can I use it to grow? Am I where I am because of those choices, and what can I do different next time? And the big one: what changes do I need to make to alter my course/get back on coarse?

No one is on their game 100% of the time, many need help. I know I am better today because I have mentors that help. And everyone of those greats that you admire have mentors! So maybe there is something to that?

I celebrate the new year and the new decade! I have learned so much this past year, and its made me thirsty for more! I know when you bring your value to the table it grows. Jim Rohn spoke of having your cup ready! But some people have their cup upside down! If you give you have more to give, its an incredible feeling to know that!



To Your Abundant Success!!

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