Replace All Excuses!

It doesn’t matter how good the excuse sounds..

If you are using them.. you are not in a place to have success..

If you have to use excuses.. you are stopped and cannot go on..

You may have to forget how good they feel..

And let go of them..

Now I am never accused of being lazy but when I don’t follow through with things.. I consider myself lazy..

if I am not producing I feel lazy..

So deciding to be determined.. and to let go of excuses.. and then things begin to change..

One thing that stops people in their tracks is they feel like they don’t get it..and its overwhelming..

This really the key ingredients…

As long as someone lives with their excuses.. there will always be more of the same

And understand Laziness happens out of fear.. its easier to be inert than to be in the action of change!

Determination.. to be ever engaged in the process of the change that makes success inevitable!!

You cannot ever expect to see anything different in your life unless..

You lose the addiction of the Excuse..
Yes it can be an addiction.. it’s an obsession..

And you will not change anything until you see it that way..


To Your Abundant Success!!

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