Respect Yourself If You Expect Others To Respect You!

I recently had someone come onto me in Facebook. Very forward questions and comments. I noticed something about me. I didn’t react like I had been attacked even though it really is an attack.

It feels the same as when I have been the victim of Sexual Harassment. Now no offense please gentlemen, but there are just things you don’t ask a lady in these situations. And being called “Babe” unless you are already his “Babe,” is in my opinion offensive. Even if you mean it in the nicest way, don’t.

I respect myself, and I respect everyone else. There are things we probably don’t discuss on our first encounter. I believe in equality. I believe we all have rights about what we want to give out there and what we don’t. I think our profiles should speak for themselves. Just my opinion, and you are of course welcome to yours!


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