Samurai Means Servant‚ Compassion Means Caring

Samurai Means Servant‚Compassion Means Caring‚ Put It Together And You Have The Best Formula For Your Network Marketing Biz

I am going through a program called Compassionate Samurai ̵’; It sounds like a contradiction but it is actually about services and caring and love. Because we can have both a tender heart and a successful business.

So if you have been guilty of taking what you want raise your hand. (Mine is raised) And what did it get really? Not what we really want‚ prosperity and lasting income. Its really amazing how you can feel when you throw off those burdens‚ and live from the heart!
Do I still do business? Absolutely! I just have a differentservice-based approach.

Am I perfect‚ no one can claim that title! But the big thing is we can choose what voices we want to really listen to‚ the one that comes from fear or the one that comes from faith.



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