In MLM Marketing – Waiting For Your Ship To Come In? Why What You Say May Be Communicating Scam!

Gotta Get In My MLM Today!

Why is this phrase a problem?

Because it communicates scam to people!

Why should it matter whether you get in today‚ tomorrow or a year from now? If it is a real network marketing business it shouldn’t matter at all.

Because here is a very true thing that seems to get lost in the hype often. Network marketing companies do not generate any volume and therefore money for the bonus check on the start-up costs unless there is a real sale of products.

Products can be anything from insurance to health food supplements and everything in between. But lets be clear there has to be a product. If there is no product there is no real opportunity‚ and my advise is to run‚ run run as fast as you can.

Start Ups come and go but…

What is key here‚ is longevity. The concept of being in on the ground floor again is about this fiction that starting it first is going to mean more money.

The only thing that truly is going to make a difference in the long run is sale and usage of the product the company promotes. Again its not about how many you recruit‚ if they are not using any product then they are not producing any bonus check for you‚ plain and simple.

I am going to say something that is bold and sound contradictory…

Don’t get into my company.. If you are looking for someone to build it for you If you think signing up is all you have to do If you are not of the mind-set that it is your responsibility to build it and grow your own team I am serious and I expect those who join me to be also!

No Bull‚ No hype‚ lets get to the truth

There is a learning process and skill process. Everyone can do it if they realize this‚ roll up their sleeves and commit to going to work. Is it simple‚ yes. Is it easy‚ not always but it is learnable.

One final thought and definitely chew on this: If it was simply a matter of signing up and doing nothing else‚ why would the network marketing companies give you a bonus check?

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