Screening My Prospects VS Getting Them

When I first started doing network marketing I thought I had to “get” everyone in. That put me in a place of scarcity and want‚ and then I came across as desperate!

Now I actually am screening them:

#1 do they see network marketing as a viable way to earn an income.

#2 do they have a dream‚

#3 are they self-motivated and with some instruction can follow through on that dream‚and not just say I wish!

Or “I”ll try‚ that has to be one of the number one killer phrases‚ I’ll try is really saying I will only do what is convenient‚ then I am done‚ didn’t think I could do it anyway!”

I have gotten people that basically say convince me‚ I tell them interview over!

If we have to convince‚ then they aren’t going to be good builders‚ they don’t have a dream. I can’t drag them up the mountain‚ but I can walk beside them‚ they just have to have a dream!

What I have learned in essence‚ is it takes heart and a dream to do this! So I look for those who do!


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