Seasoned Networker Found Out She Could Learn About How To Be Successful In MLM

I have to laugh at myself‚ its actually very healthy to do that! I love how many experts there are on the internet. I have found that an expert should be someone that has some knowledge and can teach it. It doesn’t have to be that you know absolutely everything about everything‚by the way is that even possible?

So I like to share what I have‚ and by the way yes I am in a network marketing company.

Yes I do make a living at it‚ will I share it? Absolutely I will but this is what I tell people:

“I don’t spit it out all over people‚ I help people then I filter and find the ones that seriously want what I have‚ then I share it. Work a lot better”

Now you are probably wondering‚ if they ask‚ why don’t you tell them?

The major reason is they are not ready to join you so they are merely curious. Its a very quick turn off to share it when they are merely curious.   So you ask when is the best time to share it?

When they actually make a decision that it is something they want! Never‚ ever‚ ever before!   Why not?   Because they are gone‚ the moment you start giving them all the stuff before they actually said‚ yes I want what you have!

This May take some patience‚ because they must come to you‚ on their terms‚ and in their own time! 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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