See Whether They Will Follow-Through

I used to spend a lot of time chasing down people who wouldn’t even take the time to look at my short on-line presentation. Now I just don’t have the time to do that. If they are not going to take the time‚ then they are not qualifying themselves for my time.

My time is valuable! At the end of the call is the time when most fall short. It’s time to see if they really want the changes they say they wanted. Listen carefully here‚ are they making excuses‚ or are they giving you a yes. If they are making excuses‚ then they are telling you that they are not going to do what you gave them to do.

I don’t have to convince them if they are not going to take that one small action that could change their life for the better.  So when we have established that I can help them‚ and I give them their assignment this is where we find out who really qualifies.


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