This picture was taken when I attended a Millionaire Mind Intensive‚ I use it often because it really says something‚ If you are afraid and your self-esteem is low take the steps and do it anyway. You will reap huge benefits from stepping out even when you do not yet have the confidence!

Why Self-Esteem Is One Of The Most Important Elements In Effective Network Marketing

Have You done this? Have you tied your self-esteem into your results? Big mistake! I know I have done it‚ I start to measure my progress with who I am! Well‚ is that who I am? No of course not. But if you start to believe that then yes it will affect yourself-esteem. I have spent many years doing it the wrong way! In order to create effective network marketing it is very important to be aware of what messages we are telegraphing to people!

Why Self-Esteem Is One Of The Most Important Elements In Effective Network Marketing — Your Personal Self-Esteem Will Both Rub Off On Your Team And Attract People Where You Are

This picture was taken when I lost a lot of weight and I could get into a new size 8 dress‚and although I am not presently this thin‚ I have created a lot more confidence and self-esteem‚ this is something that matters make sure that your self-image is not tied directly to your body and what it looks like!

A Scenario:

So think about this: If Joe gets into your network marketing business‚ how does that mean anything except he made a decision that its not for him. Your self -esteem must be such that you can be a good guide for him. If you attach what he does or does not do to your own self-worth that’s a true danger! Effective network marketing is also created in the confidence we gain and the faith we have in our product or service!

Self-Esteem Is One Of The Most Important Elements of Effective Network Marketing. Work On Getting To A Better Place

The first thing that must happen is to be okay about yourself. So that means that its regroup and re-program time. First of all Say this to yourself: I AM OKAY THE WAY AM! Wow‚ that feels good I think I will say that again.

Setting goals are great‚ but those are usually short term. Long-term is to build up yourself‚creating the confidence that is unshakable‚ unstoppable. How do we do that? You must come up with your own thought pattern.

The books give you the starting ground‚ they usually give you exercises. Do those exercises‚I can’t emphasize that enough. “Oh that would be so silly‚ and hokey!” Okay‚ but has change happened‚ “well‚ no I am still where I was last time.” So what is your self-talk? (“You can’t do that”) or other such things!

Now how far is that going to get you? Better yet it usually sounds like your  mother‚ your husband or someone else in your life‚ even if they didn’t voice that out loud!

This is a process‚ so the last time I recommend is be kind to yourself. Remember when you first started to drive a car? Were you good about it in first try? Same thing here‚ its okay to have set-backs‚ its okay to stumble. Its okay‚ start to be okay in you‚ then watch the wonderful changes that happen in other parts of your life!



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