How do You Set the Priorities To What Is Important Without Shelfing Your Network Marketing Business?

I have concluded my series on attending events and this has come up because recently a very special person‚ my mother has died.

While it would be a whole lot easier to completely shelf my business‚ I have responsibilities and things that are important to do so this is shared on a very personal level here today.

What I have seen often is people having an either or philosophy.

In other words‚ they believe they can only take care of one thing at the expense of another.

One very common one is they have to take care of family and they don’t have time for a business. Or the other is they have to get business done and don’t have time for family.

Neither will seriously help you achieve your dreams! The biggest thing that must happen is a balance between the two!

It is about prioritization. That takes some skill but one you absolutely must learn and apply!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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