How Is Your Rocket Doing? Is It On Course? Setting Your Course For Your MLM Network Marketing Business For 2012!


And what does that got to do with Your MLM Network Marketing Business?
In the “Slight Edge” Jeff talks about how the rocket ship sent to the moon was only on course 1 minute out of every 30! Can you imagine being off course that many times? But he concludes with it got there‚ because of very precise technology inside. How is your rocket ship doing?

How often are you off course? Do you redetermine your goals and set yourself back on course? Now this is not to throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak in your mlm network marketing business‚ but it means that there are times‚ when methods need to change‚ that even the people that you are associated with must change.

I found that to be true many times‚ in my business. At times even I found mentors were throwing me totally off course. I have also outgrown a mentor more than once. Many times until I understood that if I set a goal and didn’t reach it I would decide I had failed. But its not about just setting goals‚ but its adjusting along the way‚ just as Nassau did with the rocket ship. In your mlm network marketing business‚ it about careful adjustment all along the way!


Its very important to be assessing your progress. How is your progress? Are you off course?


How often is it off course in your mlm network marketing business? How often do you have to re-adjust? What might be holding you back?

Do you have things in place to adjust the course?

Are there mentors that truly help you without their own agenda? Do you have people to help you get back on track?

These are important questions!

Are you still operating with an outdated rocket ship like the picture above‚ or are you working with the newest technology and methods In Your MLM Network Marketing Business?


One important way to make sure is to have the right guidance. Where is that guidance leading you? A constant assessment is needed. Like the late great Jim Rohn said: What has that philosophy done for you? Whose plan did you buy?

Is that plan working for you in your mlm network marketing business? So whose plan did you buy? You do have to ask yourself that. Another hard question is “Will this truly work for me‚ do I see myself doing this?” And I warn you even a sponsor or a mentor can be the one getting you off track! Yes its true I know cause it has happened to me. So I say take a very honest assessment. Where are you in relationship to where you want to be?

What does it take to get back on track? Be sure to understand that “blind faith in MLM‚” May not be a good thing! And if you are looking for the guidance you are not getting right now‚I am here. I have the tools and the background‚ and the mind-set‚ I can believe in you until you believe in yourself!

So That Is Setting Your Course For Your MLM Network Marketing Business For 2012 Will Put You In Orbit!

Hope that helps‚ and love real comments about this subject matter at hand!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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