Why Setting and Keeping The Goals Is Important For Your Online Network Marketing Business

Thousands of people want to experience a much more enriched life than the one that is currently unfulfilling. You don’t have to continue with what you have if you really desire to change or alter it. Don’t be stuck in doing the same old things which get you the same old things over and over again.

Here are some elements needed to make that happen:

Growth must be planned: Its not an accident. Just as a gardener plan his garden plants the seeds‚ and cultivates for a harvest so must we also plant our “seed” in this case the thought pattern that will create the success we are looking for in ourselves.

For us that growth is accomplished by several things

Personal Development: That is built by what we decide to put inside through books‚ audios and tapes‚ and attendance to live events just as the convention I just attended.

Every leader that spoke this weekend sited that is one of the major things that brought them to where they are today. Mentorship and Guidance: If you have read “Think And Grow Rich‚” by Napoleon Hill‚ he has a place where he talked about his “Mentors” who were dead. He also had Carnegie.

That book was a process of many years of studying all the influencial rich of his day! Nothing really changes‚ anyone who really wants big goals and dreams needs the same thing today‚ that same mentor or guide.

A Well Defined Dream:

No one ever got where he really wanted to go in a fog! Think about it‚ there was a story told about a swimmer‚ who was swimming in fog. It was a long arduous trip. She had lost her way‚and she gave up because she couldn’t see how close she was to where she was going! Having a defined dream‚ or picture of the result is so critical in the process of achieving those dreams!

A Slight Edge Philosophy:

Knowing and accepting that most dreams are achieved by a consistent activity over a prolonged period of time. If you have read “The Slight Edge‚” by Jeff Olson‚ at the very beginning he tells three stories‚ all to illustrate that persistent small steps towards a goal is the real secret to success.

Many have heard of the “lotto” philosophy‚ one good act to achieve huge success‚ the only problem with that is that its rarelylong-lasting. In order to achievelong-term success‚ the disciplines must be put in place‚ they must be automatic‚inside of our subconscious. Then and only then do we achieve that “penny-doubling effect”or the time when we miraculously break into that “lucky streak.”

Unquenchable Confidence and Faith:

Sometimes it takes a while before we can see the results of our efforts. In the case of the farmer‚ he must plant and cultivate for a whole season before the results of his work is evident. And yes sometimes we are disappointed and we see what we have cultivated not always produce the result that we had in mind or it May go a different direction than we thought it would.

Having faith and confidence in the process‚ the philosophy and the guidance is still there‚ you just adjust slightly and keep going. Having the knowledge that failure can be a part of the process and that its merely feedback to help to create that success by evaluating the things that May not be serving that process.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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