I Share My Social Media MLM Business Relationship Formula

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As promised here is my social media MLM business relationship formula. I use on Facebook to attract and build my list of customers and distributors. Now if you seriously want the inside scoop you want to follow. (I have to warn you) This is a sketch not as detail as when you see it done.

My Social Media MLM Business Relationship Formula — Broken Down

1 — Greet Whether I have been asked to accept a friendship (relationship) or whether I have asked for one it is the same either way. Take the time to greet‚ find some commonality that you can converse with them about. Remember the old (FORM)?

2 — Ask questions Seriously in Social Media Relationships this becomes even more important than ever. Ask them things about what they are already doing‚ how long they have been doing it.

3 — Patience This is another one most don’t want to hear‚ you very likely will not “get them”in the first conversation. They are just feeling you out‚ they want to know what you are about.

4 — Seed with Curiosity Now as I am asking questions naturally they are going to ask what you do? Now this is not the time to feed them the whole thing‚ but give them a statement that tells them essentially what you do‚ and can create a desire to know more. I often say “I play on Facebook and make money..” (created curiosity‚ and peeked interest to know more)

5 — More questions Back to questions because I want to show more interest in them‚ not make it about me. This gets them so curious they almost can’t stand it. (WARNING THIS AGAIN IS NOT ALWAYS ONE CONVERSATION‚ BUT IS GENERALLY OVER TIME.)

6 — They ask more questions about me If they are interested at all‚ they will ask more questions‚ I generally reply with something like ” I teach people how to use online tools and training‚ to build a list of qualified people to talk to about their business.”

7 — At this point they have either qualified themselves to be offered my business or they have gone away You see you are only sifting and sorting them. You are not trying to get all of them. Some are just not going to be a good fit‚ and it is in that little secret alone that makes them want it more. I am not desperate‚ I am not chasing them.

8 — Would you like to review? When they say anything about wanting to know more that is what i say‚ and only after an affirmative‚ do I give them a link‚ followed by a lets get back ̵’; and discuss it after you have reviewed it.

So Lets review:

1 — Get to know and greet

2 — Ask questions (about them) get clarification‚ never assume

3 — Allow time and have patience

4 — Seed and curiosity‚ it May be several conversations

5 — When they tell you something about themselves‚ ask more questions

6 — Share what you do in quick curiosity getting statements (never hypy must be factual)

7 — Qualified or not at this point they are ready to hear what you have

So That Is My Social Media MLM Business Relationship Formula

We want to be involved online in social media because we learned that many are leveraging the internet and especially Facebook to make money online! So shouldn’t you be on the right bandwagon?


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