Why Would Sharing Your Opportunity Links Kill Your Business?!

I have to tell you I have seen warning that Facebook is getting a lot stricter about sharing links on Facebook and the fact of the matter is.. a few may ruin it for us all

I have learned more by being in private masterminds than all the rest of the almost 6 years I have been online.. the silly trick is its so easy to be in them.. just buy something from someone who is in it!

When you have more than one way to make money.. you are not desperate.. think about it.. if your MLM is your only way.. then you are desperate and pushy..

Its been my experience.. that the MLM is the hardest way to make money.. I love the many different ways I have money..

Like this week.. I activated and came back active with Empower Network.. but even when I didn”t do anything with it.. it still made money for me..

I have things that are a one time sale.. I have things that are monthly.. the combination of all of those means I am always making income!

This is a different mindset in which you have to be just with an MLM which they tend to be jealous of anyone doing anything else.. just my observation

For me.. I soon started to realize that sharing my opportunity link had caused many to stop even coming to my profile.. and the name of the game on Facebook is interaction.. ouch!

Its time to get serious about learning about what really works I have something to say about that today ?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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