How To Shrink The Learning Curve 6 Ways I Found That Helped Me


When someone starts out in online Network Marketing or even becoming an Entrepreneur in general there are many ways to start building your knowledge base. Many talk about momentum‚ but how does one even begin to get there?

The Online Network Marketing Learning Curve

There is a particular “learning curve” involved with online network marketing‚ and at least for me it took some time. There were brand new strange skills to learn that I didn’t even know existed before I started to venture into the internet world. Unfortunately‚ most of the time part of that learning curve is making mistakes.

Some people have very unrealistic expectations. There is no such thing as a “get rich quick scheme” that is real business.  There is also no such thing as a “push button” system‚although there are many hypy adds out there that would lead you to believe that.

I have to say at least for myself‚ although I have gone through quite a process and made many mistakes‚ I am proud of and do not regret the process! Many people believe that it’s negative to have to learn something. But let’s face it really‚ if it’s so easy all you have to do is set it up and then go watch tv‚ then it’s not real!

The Never-Ending Journey Of Learning Online Network Marketing?

Others talk about online network marketing being a never ending journey‚ and I am sure that that sounds rather daunting.

One thing I have found is there are rewards along the way that do make it worth it. I also can say‚ if you can actually get to a place where you can forgive yourself for your mistakes‚ learn from them‚ and move on you are well on your way.

I used to think I had to have a teacher‚ and that is always good‚ but I have found many things can be learned on your own. When I wanted to know something early on I went searching for it. I spent a lot of time on google at first‚ that is how I discovered youtube.

I found a wealth of information there‚ and somewhere along the way I found myself here in Better Networker. I am more a tactical learner. It’s great to go to seminars‚ but applying what I have learned is critical for me. It will mean absolutely nothing until I find a way for it to help me.

Everyone learns in their own special way so #1 find the way you learn best and apply it.

I have found that part of learning is to teach it. At first that scared me. But now I love it! When a teacher teaches‚ they almost always learn more. They learn from the feedback of the students. And they learn better ways to help others. And in the end that is what it is really all about: helping others!

#2 Find something you are a little afraid of and make yourself do it‚ you will find yourself growing exponentially!

As you build your own confidence there will be those who look up to you. Some will be your team and some will be outside of that. The important thing is to respect them and take their questions seriously. Don’t be afraid to say I don’t know‚ but I will find out. I also find that new people do better if they are challenged to find out for themselves. Saying things like; “that would be a great homework assignment‚ why don’t you report back to the group about that next week!”

#3 You can never know everything‚ be okay with that‚ admit it‚ and then pursue the answer!

Find out what kind of learner you are! Some love to read‚ some do better hearing it‚ some seeing it and other by hands on. Which are you‚ that is very important to identify. If reading puts you to sleep and you have a hard time comprehending it then find out what helps you learn faster.

#4 Identify what kind of learner you are.

I know that when I want to learn something I will go after it. When it doesn’t interest me nothing really can get me to learn it. So focusing on what I am interested in is key for me.

#5 Make it something you are passionate about learning.

Get over yourself. Yes I said that. Remember in network marketing its about how you can be of service to someone. And incidentally‚ being a good leader means exactly that‚ being of service to others. See yourself as that leader. If you are not focusing so much on yourself then you are building a better you‚ and helping others.

#6 Make it about serving others and their needs and problems.

Understand that just a few small changes of the way you talk to yourself can have a fundamental impact on your business.


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