Sometimes When Pursuing A Dream


It is really easy to look at everything as a failure

When what it really is.. is a progression

a series of steps that needed to happen to bring you to a new level of understanding,

A new level of belief, and a new level of skill and confidence..

It’s different for everyone..

And part of it comes from the wiliness to actually let yourself fail at something..

I know in my first company, now years ago…

There was a time when things had fallen apart and I knew

I could not continue the way I was going, when I just went out and ran, and ranted at the sky…

but I didn’t understand that it was part of the preparation..

Part of the process I need to go through..

At the time it made me angry.. today it makes me grateful..

the easy thing would have been to quit on myself.. now when people tell you not to quit, they often mean a company

And there are many, so it’s not about a company at all

It is about seeing your own vision and path so clearly..

That even when there is temporary failure..

You don’t leave the path..

and you keep moving towards the dream!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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