Stand For Your Beliefs and Principles‚ If You Do You Will Grow As A Person!

Stand For Your Own Beliefs!

That seems like a pretty easy thing‚ NOT! Why because one core thing that is important to every human on the planet is to be liked.

There is also a universal fear that if we are really honest about what we believe we will have the opposite effect on others. We are afraid of being shunned or a better word is rejected. Why do we have those feelings?

Lets visit that for a few moments. We were told things like‚ “play nice‚ don’t argue.” “Share with your brother‚” “Don’t be selfish.” So what feeling do you get from those things? For me they are important but wait a minute…

Does any of them say‚ be you‚ care about yourself? No none of them. Do we have a right to own ourselves‚ yes we do.

Does that mean to use others to get what you want? No it doesn’t mean that. So how do we reconcile the conflicting messages and get to a core of what we believe and how to communicate your real message?

1. You can read all day‚ but you do have to get in touch with yourself‚ that require meditation. It doesn’t matter how you do that. I also use journaling.

When I write my thoughts down on paper‚ it helps me actually realize what is going on in the background.

Many times the busy thoughts are not those core thoughts‚ this takes practice and time. I have found that I have to examine what someone tells me to do in business or work and make sure it matches up with more core.

If it feels dishonest‚ or goes against my beliefs‚ I will rebel inside even if I go about the motions of carrying it out.

I really like to hear from you and know how this has helped you! I learned the second thing and most important in my opinion‚ that I must have a mentor‚ and he/she must be the best for me.

If I don’t feel good about that person that is mentoring me‚ how can I follow what he/she is teaching me to do? 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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