Would You Start Over If You Knew You Couldn’t Lose!

When I think of my journey

Sometimes I don’t even know how to explain it to anyone else..

Even my husband..

He only sees whether I create a result that says success (namely money)

Since I have made some.. he is less judgmental but still how do you explain it..

Who Would Get Up Again After Losing It All?

Many wouldn’t‚ because they have decided that the cost is too high.. For me.. to give up is too high a cost..

So why am I smiling so big in that picture?

Because triumph is not always measured in dollars and cents.. even though the world would say it is..

Because there are rewards even if I am not done yet.. even if I have not reached the top..

Everything has its costs and its rewards.. and only someone who got up even when it feels like you have totally been defeated will even get this.

I Have Many Times Made It And Lost It And Made It Again

And through that process have learned more about myself than most would be willing to risk..

And because of that I smile.. Because of that I risk.. Because of that I keep helping..

And there has been paydays in money too..

And I Smile Because I Found The Formula..

Like today.. while out getting my lunch..

I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at my phone.

Money is flowing‚ business is rolling.

Are you ready?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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