How To Stay Committed In Your Network Marketing Business Even Through The Challenges!

“There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something‚ you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something‚ you accept no excuses‚ only results.” Kenneth Blanchard‚ Ph.D


Okay most of us if we say we are interested‚ are casual about it. We might make some effort but we are not at that commitment level where it’s really about changing our lives.

We have not make any changes and we have not given up anything‚ most especially our time and money! If we stay at that level we will not see much change in our business either. But are you yourself guilty of this level?

You can tell by things you say to yourself or others: “I don’t feel like doing it today‚ I will do it tomorrow.” “Just one more TV show and I will be ready to do it” “I am too busy to fit that into my life right now”

Commitment to Network Marketing Is Not Some Crazy Secret!

Have you gone to a pool and seen those who are afraid to get in the water because it might be too cold or too hot or not right for one reason or another? So what do I mean by commitment? I am talking about the true “getting wet process” of getting involved and staying involved.  There is no “toe dipping” when it comes to this kind of business! You are either all the way in or all the way out‚ there is no in between.

How To Stay Committed!

Here is a secret that many miss when they start a new business in MLM Network Marketing‚both online and offline. They fail‚ and they don’t know why‚ but I believe because I have seen it‚ that they failed because of this one thing the lack of commitment because commitment doesn’t mean blindly following. It also means finding the means to accomplish what it is you have set out to do‚ and being willing to learn and change as you go.

Most people don’t come completely equipped to build this thing‚ they need training and tools to do it properly. Sometimes‚ they either come with the belief that they can do it on their own without these things‚ or they are lead to believe that. And then sometimes the sponsor and/or upline doesn’t provide that kind of help for that person. This is key here‚ what I am about to share with you!

You have to want to do this bad enough that you seek it out even if you sponsor or upline doesn’t provide it from wherever it’s possible to find it. Yes that means you might even go outside of that tight-fisted group and venture into unchartered waters. Commit to find the way that works for you and then make a plan and a commitment to use those tools and training giving it the time it takes‚ before giving up and trying something else.

It’s also important to stay open‚ not to constantly changing to new network marketing companies‚(although I have at times) it is really about finding both the company and the tools and skills‚ and mentors that best fit and align with you‚ then stay with it‚ fully expecting that it’s going to take some time. Lastly‚ people tend to be very emotional about decisions around this kind of business‚ but it’s very important to take whatever time it takes to evaluate what you are looking at‚ asking for adequate information.

If it is so good you need to get in today‚ then it’s also going to be just as good tomorrow. But I caution those who are of the persuasion to analyze to the death of something‚ J make sure at some point that you actually make a real commitment.

Commitments and Obstacles

I have never heard anyone who has made it big‚ not have a story of obstacles and challenges and how they had to overcome them. I have heard many say that somehow they found the money or they found the time.

I positively know that once I have made a true commitment to something‚ and I make my plans and I start to take action that I first face some resistance. That is natural because I am doing new things. It’s the person that pushes through that c an makes that constant effort towards the goal that reaches that level of success he really is seeking to accomplish.

And it will require prolonged effort will full commitment. It is in that final push sometimes that we actually start to see the results‚ not in the first efforts.

If we start to talk ourselves out of it before we even start then we are not fully committed. If we make our first effort and we start to have obstacles‚ or resistance‚ then we must recognize it as that newness feeling strange and uncomfortable and pushing through it to the other side! It’s just like reaching the top of a hill and realizing that you accomplished your goal.Commitment With The All

In Attitude!

So since I see the greatest majority coming in with a “one toe in” approach I felt I must address this. The “I’ll try it for a (period of time) approach never really succeeds for very long. Because you have not really made that commitment to push through those obstacles and the feeling of resistance you will have when first starting out!

Today decide that you are “All In!”

Make a commitment to yourself “I am the director of my life.”

Make a commitment to yourself

“I will give unselfishly to others.”

Make a commitment to yourself

“I have the power to achieve greatness.” Make a commitment to yourself

“I can achieve my goals.”

Make a commitment to yourself “I can retire from poverty and lack of abundance.”

Make a commitment to yourself “I deserve great wealth.

Make a commitment to yourself that 90 days from today

“I will be financially free for the rest of my life.

Belief has no limit. Neither do you. There is no “Box”.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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