Strive For Progress Not Perfection!

One thing that has been ringing loud and clear in my ears..

If you want something better.. you have to get better!

There really is no such thing as something just happening without you acting upon it..

And how you decide to act upon it all has to do with how you feel…

Your feelings create your thoughts and your thoughts create your actions..

Last night I watched a master in action..

I realized that I have some work yet to do..

So I bought the Twist Your List Course..

Here is what a lot of people do..

They make a decision totally on what they see right now in their bank account

But they don’t get that the bank account will not change..

If they don’t do something to change it..

While life never is perfect…

And striving for perfection is a myth..

Being always in progress towards something is critical..

So change only comes from being willing to invest in where you want to be!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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