Be Strong Enough To Stand Alone!

This is probably the most difficult thing to do..

Being strong yet interdependent..

Meaning.. you are not needy..

Sometimes the hardest thing is that the ones that you want to believe in what you are doing are the ones that don’t get it..

Sometimes because the heart is there.. the greatest wounds come..

Building a business can be very emotional..

And standing alone yet being there for others is not always easy..

Sometimes the people in your life want you to quit and just be there for them..

And they don’t understand that if you quit.. you will be nowhere at all!!

And sometimes.. you have to accept the hand up from others.

Because you realize standing alone isn’t always possible!

I know..

I know how it feels to be asked to sacrifice everything for them.. even quit.. and yet you know if you do.. you won’t be able to care for yourself later in life..

I saw my mother when she got sick.. have no other option but live with me.. and while I of course cared for her for those last years.. I vowed I could never do that..

That is why I work and create, and share.. and keep going no matter what..

For those years.. when I will not stand so strong!

They won’t understand.. maybe not ever..

But you know you have to go and never quit..


To Your Abundant Success!!

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