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I am going to share some serious concepts with you today‚ I believe its one of the key things that is often missing. Please share and tweet this with others that need it!

I went on a walk today‚ not really a walk‚ a walk-run. The kind of walk I do eats up the miles. I am relentless‚ I am dominating. Its really more than persistence. And that is what I felt inspired to talk to you about today.

This Whole week I have been talking about Ray Higdon’s product Problog Academy. And its gone so this isn’t another blog about that. But there were some key things I will share from that.

Persistence VS Relentless

I have seen a lot of people especially online go along and do things daily but they have really no plan behind it. Now you have to remember that we just assume that the Turtle in the race with the Hare was slow. But actually there is no evidence that it is what really happened.

In MLM business‚ there must be an amount of velocity in your approach and direction.

Slow and Steady in Network Marketing does not necessarily win the race! I May be bursting some bubbles but bare with me! There is truly a difference. I believe that what was wrong with the Hare’s approach is he did spurts‚ and there in lies the problem.

Its not go fast then stop dead‚ It is set a pace‚ create some habits and then do them everyday. Be relentless about your goals‚ that is when the word UNSTOPPABLE comes into play. And that means if you haven’t picked it up‚ don’t stop dead this summer and expect that you can pick up where you left off in the fall!

Where Does One Start?

I did a video but it didn’t want to upload so instead I will share my thoughts. I had a conversation with someone‚ that one of their goals was to run a Marathon. Now if you don’t know that is 25 miles. But here is the kicker‚ he had not done a 5K‚ in fact he didn’t have a regular routine of going for extensive runs at all!

Now in today MLM business environment‚ that is like saying I want to make 10K am month at my business‚ when you have not yet earned $200 regularly! Its a real good way to create failure‚ You Must Have Small Goals That Lead To The Big Goals!

So where to start? You must have a strategic regular goal that when executed over time will create those smaller‚ then bigger and bigger goals. You start with that first mile. You start with that first $1‚ you start with that first 1 mile walk‚ or if you have not ever walked‚ you start with that first block. If you have never recruited online‚ then you start with that first person‚ and that first mentor.

Creating That Everyday Routine For Success!

Every single person that is successful including me has a routine every day. And they don’t deviate from it. You won’t find them jumping from thing to thing to thing. But they can layer something new onto what is already working. It is not the company that is at fault if you fail. It is your lack of staying with it and creating a successful routine.

My Daily Routine

1- 1 mile walk-run 2- Good nutritious breakfast‚ lots of water! 3- Personal Development (about 1 hour) 4- Create Content 5- Syndicate 6- Communicate and Create Relationships This doesn’t change much but I May layer something new to experiment.

There has to be some skin in the game‚ you are more likely to take it seriously if you invested both your time and money into it. I have found that to be true with all business. First you invest some real time. Then you also invest in your growth. It just doesn’t work any other way!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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