Summer Can Be The Best Time To Create Your MLM Momentum!

I see it all of the time‚ that mindset that well‚ its summer time‚ take time off‚ enjoy the summer and come back in the fall‚ when the kids are back in school. BIG MISTAKE!

In Jeff Olson’s book “The Slight Edge” he talks about the flywheel‚ and how it isn’t just one push that creates the momentum that eventually gets it turning and moving and eventually appears to take off on its own‚ even picking up speed.

It’s not just one push‚ its all of them. And that especially applies to MLM Network Marketing.

Why Taking The Summer Could Be A Big Mistake

I don’t know if you have done it‚ but many who are new do it and then they come to find out when they get back that all of their distributors did the same thing‚ there is no volume and you really have to start over.

I know because I have done exactly that! Now there does come a time when yes you can‚ but not at the beginning‚ not before you have gotten the wheel rolling!

Be The Example

So if you want your new team to build consistently towards the goals and dreams they have‚you absolutely must be doing the same thing yourself.

The funny thing I never understood when I was new‚ was even if they didn’t see my daily action‚ they still followed it. If I was not taking any action‚ they weren’t either!

If I was excited and working my business‚ then the momentum began to take a life of its own!

So you must show the way‚ by being there every day‚ both doing your own action‚ and showing the way‚ teaching and being available.

You Must Set And Keep Your Own Goals

We all have our own daily action plan‚ and we must focus on what gets us the results every day. I find that if I write down the things that I want to accomplish‚ (I have a loose leaf notebook)‚ that I will be more focused on those goals every day.

I also find if I get to far away from this daily action that I take‚ that I get scattered and don’t get the high priority tasks done.

So for instance; having a certain amount of people I want to actually communicate with‚ how many actual phone calls‚ e-mails or other kinds of contact

I want to accomplish on a daily basis. How many new friends do I want to get better acquainted with. While it’s important to have content out there‚ if you are an internet marketer‚it’s not enough by itself.

I am always looking to improve my communication skills and find ways to actually talk to more people.

We have to remember if you use funnels‚ that that is nothing more than the entry way for someone to come into contact with you. You still have to find ways to bring them value and communicate with them‚ most ideally by phone.

Once you are on the phone are you actually getting to know them‚ and asking them questions or are you looking to get them into your deal?

Using Many Ways To Consistently Build Your List

This is not an article about all the ways to market‚ that list is endless. What is important that you are using enough online and offline methods to get into contact with people.

Then it’s really about continually feeding that funnel‚ or list with fresh new people. And it’s definitely always about contacting them.

Being Flexible And Adjust When Needed

There are times when after a reasonable amount of time‚ it will become apparent that a form of marketing you are currently using doesn’t work for you.

Rather than throwing out all the water‚ and the baby‚ try doing a tweak to it instead‚ also its helpful to ask your mentor to help you create a daily plan that works for you!

While a lot of people talks about doing things that are within your comfort level‚ don’t make that an excuse for never trying anything new. I didn’t think I could do good videos‚ but after a little over a year of doing them‚

I not only feel I know how to give good value through video I think they are fun to do. But I would have never come to that conclusion if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone and try something I was not at that time very good at!

Things Never Come To Those Who Wait!

There is an old saying that says that you will be rewarded for waiting‚ but I say NO THAT IS WRONG! You must be in action and as you are‚ new inspiration‚ new mentors‚ and new skills will start to come into your life!

Your intentions will always govern your actions. If you are not serious about your goals and dreams‚ they will not suddenly appear! This quote from Sophocles says it all: “Heaven never helps the man who will not act.”

So even today when the sun is shining and it would be much easier to go out and play‚ do something even a small thing that will build your dream!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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