Taking On The “Champion” Mindset

Here is a question for you:

Do you practice success or failure. I know what you are going to say‚ success. But your results actually say failure. You see whatever you rehearse‚ whatever you say‚ whatever you do constantly that is what you can expect more of.

Most people have grown up being very conscious of their failed projects. They are constantly striving for more success while repeating the failed behaviors.

Case in point:

What were the phrases you remember as a child and even now from your boss or your spouse? Is it things like “Make sure you aren’t late.” “Don’t spill that!” “Don’t embarrass me!”“That is so typical of you to mess that up!” Or other such phrases? You get the idea‚ if you are fed failure‚ you will practice failure.

Reverse the trend!

So because we live in a negative world‚ and we get bombarded constantly with negatives‚ we have to be feeding the positive self-talk.

For instance:

“Its okay‚ I am still learning.” “Its like me to win!” “Wow I did good today!” And forget the mistakes don’t rehearse those in your mind.

But that isn’t what we do is it? We rehearse the failures and we think its being egotistical to celebrate the successes! When in reality the successful people already know that is what really works.

Think like a champion

If you have ever observed any champion‚ they always practice the good stuff. If they mess up‚ they shake it off.

If they did something good‚ they cheer themselves. They don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on what they messed up on‚ except to make it better. They don’t call themselves a failure.



To Your Abundant Success!!

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