Learning to Set Priorities In Your MLM Network Marketing Business Life!

It occurred to me as I have been counseling with my team that many find it a struggle to build and still keep up with the quality of their lives that they must take care of.

We only have 24 hours in a day‚ we all have the same amount of time but the difference is what do we choose to do with that time and how productive are we?

The most important thing to do is to set priorities about what is really important in business and in our life in general. It’s also about being willing to take control.

I know one thing‚ it’s never fun to feel “Out of Control‚” but that is what happens when instead of taking control you let everything else take control of you! So let’s get into it!

Take Inventory!

Before you can decide what and when to build you must know what is already on your plate and what is really important.

Obviously there are things that really are important such as family things‚ work and don’t forget yourself in that. It’s really good to make a list‚ take some time to actually do this while you have a few moments to reflect and without interruption if possible.

Then once you have a list‚ put a number value on them‚ 10 being most important‚and 1 being least important. What is most important to you will be very revealing!

Priority or Liability?

I found that I had to give up some things that actually had become liabilities to me‚ such as watching excessive tv.

I also had activities that I loved but they cost me money‚ and had no value in the long-range scheme of my life! What things are you doing with your time that might be costing you your future?

What has changed in your activities that indicates that you May need to shift or trim some things out? What things in your family life has changed that mean a change in your priorities?

Busy or Productive?

Busy doesn’t mean productive‚ what is productivity? What business in your life might actually be holding you back?

What is costing you money but not helping you. What are things that have become habits but no longer serve you?

Taking every minute seriously is very key here‚we can’t retrieve the time we have lost! Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that you’re accomplishing something.

Keeping A List – Checking it Twice!

The old to-do list is back! Yes and do it on paper. Set your priorities every day and check the list to make sure it gets done!

It takes some discipline to build this new habit. It takes some management‚ but I believe that it’s worth it‚ and it’s what I do!

Everyone talks about time-management‚ but we can only manage ourselves‚ we cannot manage actual time. But we can make real productive habits about how we decide to use our time!


I try to be flexible‚ I am caring for a mother who is elderly and ill. At any time my priorities can change. I make sure I am up early every day so that I get as much done as possible before she is awake. Then when I need to care for her‚ I know I have accomplished a few things that are important to me in my business.

Plan to Win!

You know that old saying: “If you don’t plan‚ you plan to fail?” It’s more true here than anywhere else.

Set up your plan‚ write it down‚ calendar it‚ make a list‚ whatever works for you but do it‚ and do it every day! What you don’t have to do yourself find ways to delegate! Dump the activities that are no longer serving you!

Can you imagine how setting new priorities can change as you move along in your business? Make sure to re-evaluate on a regular basis.

Our priorities reflect what we fell are important and will determine the actions we take each day. We need to stay focused on the goals and dreams that we have decided are important in our lives!

As you take this new habit into your life you will see a benefit you didn’t expect‚ you will find yourself more fulfilled and happy!

What Do You Prioritize!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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