Talk To People From Your Heart Throw Out The Scripts

You can have all of the scripts in the world and yet you really have target market and to talk to people from your real heart.

Target Marketing!

We have been talking about target market and its really about finding the people that want what you have to offer.

We were all talking about all kinds of strategies of how to attract people. The real thing that has to happen is talking to people.

There is not tool in the world that replaces talking to people. When we are talking e-mail marketing‚ we are really talking to people through an auto-responder.

If someone is doing Craig’s List you are still talking to people! That is the major most important skill that you have to learn.. talking to people.

When you learn that skill you will have no more problems trying to figure out how to talk to people!

You can have all of the scripts in the world and yet you really have target market and to talk to people from your real heart.

You have to be okay with making mistakes and just do it.

I did the numbers and I talked to people until I got better! So be okay with talking to people‚ not being perfect‚ and just doing it everyday!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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