The Big Lie: “If It Is To Be‚ It’s Up To Me.”

And that is backwards!

No skyscraper or successful network marketing organization has ever been built by one person. It takes teamwork‚ people from every walk of life & experience level coming together‚working together. It takes hundreds‚ often thousands of people working for one common goal‚to build the skyscraper or the network marketing organization.


No steel mill worker = no steel = no building.

No glass maker = no windows = no building.

No makers of carpet‚ tile‚ marble‚ lumber‚ air-conditioning‚ drywall‚ concrete‚ paint‚ shingles‚plumbing fixtures‚ electrical wiring‚ tar paper‚ drywall compound‚ elevators‚ mortar‚ bricks‚paint brush‚ doors‚ crown molding‚ wallpaper‚ nails‚ screws‚ lights‚ cabinets‚ etc. = no skyscraper.

You absolutely need a great product. You won’t sustain success without one. But like the skyscraper‚ the MOST critical is a LOT of people working together.

I have observed and analyzed a TON of network marketing businesses over the last 26 years. And you know what?

Every single one of them that was NOT people-&-relationship driven‚ no matter how good its products or services‚ no matter how well-managed‚ has either gone broke or struggled to keep its head above water.

And every “relationship-driven” business‚ no matter how inferior its products or services and no matter how poorly-managed‚ was successful almost without fail.

Now … companies with low quality products or services WILL ultimately fail. But MLM companies or groups with wonderful products & services ̵’; but who stress “numbers game‚recruit‚ recruit‚ recruit” ̵’; will never scratch the surface of their potential.

Obviously‚ the biggest successes are people-and-relationship-driven companies with good products or services & good management.

Bottom line? Get a good product or service to sell.

THEN focus on helping OTHER people reach their dreams.

THAT is your top priority.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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