The First Job In Building Your Business!

The first real job of building your business is to build your list on an email autoresponder company..

I have used Aweber and Get Response.. 

The problem is that most of these charge you every time you add to your list..

For many new people that don’t always quickly create enough income to offset those additional charges..

I went looking for a solution.

Power Lead System has a built in Autoresponder and it works fine for the very beginning, but they limit how many emails you can send.

So I went looking for a companion company for the Autoresponder that did not charge for the increase on lists.

I found that Traffic Wave has a very low cost, 17.95. And it starts to pay for itself pretty quickly by inviting referrals to come use it.

I have done several videos on this, and so now when you see one of the gorgeous Power Lead System pages, I always use the Traffic Wave optin, (with some special simple custom changes to it) you can learn more from my Facebook page.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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