The Law of Attraction

 The Law of Attraction = Focus on What you want‚Keep positive emotions‚ Be alert for ways to take action!

I am sure you have heard about this all the time. They aways talk about the wishing part but they hardly ever talk about the action part.

I can relate a story to illustrate: I left a business and started a new one over this last year. There was a considerable amount of product left‚

I sent it back. I went through the process in getting a refund. Now you probably say how does that relate to the Law of Attraction? Well this is how it works‚

I fixed on the amount of money I expected to get back‚ I didn’t let the obstacle slow me down.

I didn’t focus on the many phone calls‚ questions or the remotest possibility that I would not get it. Now that is key. Wherever your focus is‚ expands.

If you focus on “Oh‚ dear I wonder if I am going to get it.” or even worse‚ “Oh dear‚ I don’t think I will get it.” Then that is what you will get.

So back to the story: I focused on a lump sum. To be honest‚ I didn’t add up the cost of the items and I didn’t subtract shipping tax and re-shelfing fee.

I just focused on what I wanted. I have more coming but I have already received more than half of it as of today! And I continue to focus on the total amount I want back.

I will not entertain the negative‚ I was told the possibilities of even getting any of it was remote. So getting a substantial amount back into my accounts today was a confirmation that the Law of Attraction works! Try it‚ You’ll like it!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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