The Loyalty Of Another

I really cannot tell you how many times..

I give lots of time, and coaching to someone..

And yet they go to someone else.. who knows why?

What I do know is a concept many don’t practice..

What you give away you get to keep!

In other words:

When you give to someone.. you are also giving to yourself!

You gain something.. its often not money..

Not only that..

Loyalty is earned..

When someone does not give the loyalty you earned.. they are the ones who lose!

Obviously the big one is they lose your trust..

But in the long run..

That person uses up a lot of currency that they do not get returned to them (not money) But trust, and I guess you could also call it Karma..

I believe that people get what they dish out..

And even when someone is not cool, and they steal my time..

Eventually no one is going to give them their time..


Okay think of it like the idiot that sits on your tail, and eventually buzzes past you in traffic, and you keep going with the correct behavior.. and at the next light, you pull up next to them!

You see..

They really didn’t win..

The one who does right does!

Lynda Cromar


To Your Abundant Success!!

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