The Presence of Harmony And Unity..

I know one thing.. being a musician.. that it is very important to create unity and harmony..

I was in a quartet once in which harmony and unity was not present.. meaning we could make beautiful music if we could stop arguing long enough

That taught me a valuable lesson I will never forget.. that harmony of minds or mindset and unity must be there!

The Family Band Is The Team

To me that band is all about team and no matter what I do.. I do things to build the whole team.. Just as unity was important in that quartet.. so was it also in teams.

I have been in teams that were completely torn apart by disunity‚ jealous‚ and greed. Its really sad to see that happen..

So When I Offer Products For Sale..
When I offer anything that is for sale..
I always offer about 5 times the value..
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