In Your MLM Business Learning How To Think Like A Prospect!


Key #1 — How Do People Think? In Pictures‚ My Friend!

Everyone talks about all the great advertising and  SEO tactics like Paid per click‚ Social Media‚ Video marketing‚ yada yada yada. Yes those are important but here is the big clue! And its really important to follow the clues‚ I assure you. If you don’t get this none of the rest of that stuff even matters a bit! I know its going to be a shocker for a few.

We have to think like a prospect and read on because its really very simple. People think in pictures. So let me ask you a question: when I say “pink elephant” … what do you see? You see a pink elephant in your mind‚ right? Now‚ I could describe it‚ big trunk‚ big ears‚ four legs‚ long tail.

I could try to explain it to you. But as soon as I say “pink elephant”‚ you see that word picture. You actually didn’t even need any explanation! Of course that is the way we all think! We don’t think E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T we see it! How about the name‚ “Marilyn Monroe”?

When you say that to a baby boomer‚ (or for that matter anyone who loves the classic movies) most of us will picture a blond-headed lady in a white dress‚ standing over a subway cover‚ and the subway underneath is blowing her dress up‚ showing her beautiful legs.

So you see her picture‚ you remember a movie scene! You’ve got to tell your story in pictures‚in fact in moving pictures! That is what’s real‚ what gets people’s juices flowing. And the more time you spend actually talking to people about this business‚ the more stories you will have to tell others.

Creating Your Pictures

I strongly recommend that you keep a daily diary of your “events of the day‚” where you record a few notes of the stories you’ve heard that day‚ as you talk with prospects‚ friends‚ & family.

As you think through these stories‚ consider what points they illustrate … because these stories give you a way to leverage yourself into people’s heads. You will get so much more mileage from that‚ I promise you! (adapted from Tom “Big Al” Newsletter)

And that is priceless.



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