My Thoughts On A Day We Talk About Freedom


Freedom is man’s capacity to take a hand in his own development. It is our capacity to mold ourselves. 

This quote is a perfect segway!

Everyone has a choice to mold and change themselves.
They have complete freedom to do so.

Unless you live in a prison‚ maybe that could be the only real excuse‚ I would buy!

I spent several hours of my off-time cleaning out old e-mails. I use some of them to jog my memory for my journal‚ that I meticulously keep up. I find it shows me a lot of what my progress has been.

It would be really easy over the years to see the patterns and decide its someone else’s fault if I don’t succeed. But I know without a doubt that I am the only one that can decide that.

So here is one for you–

Have you truly taken ownership of your own future?
Both the successes‚ and the failures?
you have to own them both‚ or it doesn’t count.
To own your own life‚ to truly direct your future is freedom indeed.

I know what that feels like do you?

To Your Abundant Success!!

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