To Design Your Life

For years and years I let other people design my life.. I fell into the trap over and over to be the fall guy the patsy.. until one day‚ my eyes were opened to what I had allowed others to do..

I created a mess and the only one who could clean it up was me..

I said NO‚ suddenly and resoundingly.. It took everyone by surprise..

And the ones who were pulling the strings abruptly left my life..

But I have never felt more free to create what I want..

And because of that I will never put myself in that position again..

One of the reasons I did that was that I was comfortable even though I was not really happy..

Its much easier to blame others than to look inside

But when you finally do turn around and really look inside‚ and realize that only you can change it..

That is when the real work begins!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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