To Link or Not To Link That Is The Question?


It was brought to my attention that sometimes I might be a bit intolerant about links on my page. I did make a comment that way recently. I think I need to explain.

I know you are enthusiastic about your company and product as you should be. There are many out there that feel the same way. I would like to educate you on how to share without getting someone slapping you.

I think the link on a personal page feels like a solicitation call. So since I am quite confident that is not how you want to come across‚ lets explore more appropriate ways to share.

One good way is questions‚ asking about them and finding out what is their needs. One thing for sure many are “married” to their company. So finding out that is the first thing that is important.

“Are you open…
“Would it be okay…
“May I share with you..?

You can usually get a direct response‚ and while yes there will be no’s‚ there will be people that will say‚ “what do you have‚ that opens the door! Then give them a personal message‚not a link on their page‚ its between them and you not the whole world of facebook.

Many times we forget that although we are on facebook‚ we are still all people. We still need to connect directly. I wrote something briefly on the wall about wanting to know the persons that I recruit are people I would want to spend time with. But that is the key thing‚ spend some time‚ get to know them. And yes I am very definitely “married” and not looking.

I love to share my expertise and knowledge with everyone freely. I post things to my own wall even things about my business‚ you are free to do post to your own wall and it appears in the feed. You will probably get some inquiries.

Because of the social atmosphere (think of a party) its almost never appropriate to tell someone right away. And it is the opinion of many that posting on walls is not cool. Here is why: you aren’t talking personally just to the person that that wall belongs to but to all of their friends.

And that person spent some time cultivating those friends. So next time you drop a link‚please at least find out if its welcome! 


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