I Told You I Came From A Trailer

I told you I came from a trailer here is me standing in front of it in 198’ when we had a record storm that dropped up to 4 feet of snow..

(This was Christmas) When you see and realize that I do not do my videos today from that trailer…

I have been telling my story and sharing how I lost that trailer at the time that my husband and I were separated and it went into foreclosure..

I then moved to Longmont and with my three children and worked on putting my life together..

As I look back now.. I am realizing that it was a good thing that I lost that trailer..

and had to move out because those circumstances led to meeting my now husband.. and to being able to be in business for myself..

I have come to realize that many times what feels like a disaster can often be an opportunity to be and have something else!

Proof that is not where you have to stay!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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