How You Treat People Tells All!

Here is a problem I see a lot…

People get started in something..

And they are made to fear..

Ever venturing beyond the MLM or system because the sponsor threatens that it means you lose the product.. mlm or system..

When someone uses fear to keep you…

Then you will never ever grow into the successful business person that you want to be..

If someone uses fear to keep you get away from them right away!!

They are not doing that to help you.. but because of their own sense of lack!

Instead go where you can get help.. be cherished… be encouraged to grow..

Be encouraged to branch out..

Because only then will you see the success that you want!!

Never get proud it’s not a good idea..

Money is not everything..

Remember Money comes from people

And they will always remember how you treated them!

There are people and companies I will never be part of because of the behavior and treatment..

Not that I dwell on it

But I know I deserve to be treated well..

So same thing goes with my dealings daily..

I want them to have a good experience..

When my ego wants to take over

I remember that it is the experience they will remember most..

It is never a good policy to think its cute to belittle or take someone down..

When you lift people they will also remember

Even if they don’t join today..

They will think of the kindness I show..

And they gravitate towards those who lift up!

Its simple..

The integrity is everything!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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