True Leaders Always Practice The 3 R’s

If they miss any of these 3
They are NOT
true leaders!

It is really not hard to find out
Ask them questions
If all they want to know is will you look, so they can pitch you they are not a leader..

Realize that what really matters to people is if that person cares about them..

This is learned..

But one thing I know for sure, (as I was reading last night in my latest book)

Respect and love for self, is how others will treat you

You train them, you decide how they will treat you

And if you offend, then you must make it right

It is all about relationships,

We hear it all the time, “People join whom they like and trust” and (know) to some extent as well..

Most will not know you as much as they think they do,

But we can start by Respect!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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