If You Are Unable To Risk, You Settle!

This is the major thing I have learned that is necessary..

Be willing to risk the unusual..

It could be financial

It could be emotional

It could be time

In many cases it is all three..

And I have done that.. many times..

Sometimes the risk was really extraordinarily unusual.. in both money and time..

What is cool now is..

That there is so little risk in what I do now..

And yet the return is huge!

Building the right way has been the key..

And it doesn’t have to feel like you just went to college..

In many cases the things I have done in the past was not the right thing to do.. but I learned from everything..

I can honestly say I will never regret any of it.. it made me what I am..

It helped me see where I am going..

The focus is still the same.. to risk is also part of it and has to be!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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