My Unbeatable MLM Success Formula!

hat is a Success Formula?

Steps to take to achieve the success that you want for yourself. There are no secrets here. But I will share what works for me.

You can apply what works for you. What is absolutely key here is that when you find yours and it May not be exactly like mine‚ don’t deviate from it‚ if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.
Now you can layer on some things that May work‚ but don’t mess with the main structure!  
Paint By Numbers…..
A lot of kids love “Paint By Numbers” kits. You know the ones — a beautiful picture on the front of the box. Inside‚ you have 3 or 4 brushes‚ maybe 20 different little paint jars‚and a board with numbers all over it — each number corresponding to one of the paint jars.
Then you just paint by numbers. You don’t have to be an artist. Just follow the formula‚ You can create a pretty nice painting … almost like you knew what you were doing. So to apply that to network marketing… follow a system that works‚ use the already created system that is in place. Why invent the wheel over and over again? That is what I did‚ and so many other leaders that I know.
Guru Or Not Guru That Is The Question?
I think we have too many Guru’s have you noticed that the genuine ones the leaders that you really want to follow don’t use that word‚ they are humble and they are willing to learn from others!
Does that tell you something. So how do you know when you have a leader? I can’t completely answer that for you but they must have a track record. They must have a history they can point to. So you ask‚ “What if I am brand new‚ I don’t have a track record?”
Then you follow those who do! When I was brand new I had to follow because I didn’t know how to lead. I learned to lead from those that I followed. Sometimes I followed those who didn’t know how to lead‚ but I even learned something from that too.
But understand also‚ even a leader is human and they will make mistakes. We have to understand that. What tells us that they are a leader is what they do about that mistake. A leader owns it and makes it good. Someone who is not a leader sweeps it under the bridge or rug and blames others or things other than himself.
What Helps People Is Systems
I have been part of many systems and all have had their good points and their bad. Many have started out wonderful then there were problems.
We have the one I am now part of Empowered Network. It is going to revolutionize the industry because it is the first one created for the people and not just for the guru’s.
But there are going to be problems and growing pains. The leaders understand this and they remain loyal and they work through those problems. We are creating new roads and those roads are not super highways yet. They will be.
When we are like an Amway but then everyone is in and its harder to build it. The pioneers stick through the growing pains of a new company. What I can do for you is teach you the things that the guru’s will not take the time to teach you they are too busy. I don’t ever want to be labeled a guru.
Financing Your Journey
The most important thing that people need today is a way to earn what they need to live now. The economy is really not recovering. But it is possible to create a better personal economy and that is through being part of something like Empower Network.
No one is going to put down anyone’s company‚ but it is a fact‚ that most pay at best about 50%. So what does 100% do for you? Well let me answer that with a story: I have a fellow that has been with me from the beginning several years. He has followed me and he trusts me.
For some reason though he has not been able to get much money. I have worked with him trained him and given a lot of time to him. Just the other day‚ as of course he joined me in the Empowered Network‚ he called me all excited! He got his first sale ever! Okay maybe $25 is not a big deal‚ oh but it is‚ if its your first! Because we had something in place that he could do. He did what was outlined and he got money instantly paid to him!And you can have a beautiful blog like this with one click

To Your Abundant Success!!

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