Understanding The MLM Business Model Through Amway‚ And Why It Still Works

In my photo is a simple drawing of a Binary Compensation plan which is not the MLM Business Model‚ I want to make that clear.

Now this is not a particular company’s plan‚ and the majority of them today have not just one compensation plan‚ but a stack of bonus programs‚ that compound‚ all based on a certain expectation and follow through of performance of the individual.

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It has become rather strange in our world today‚with so many different business models

I am not going to explain all the different mlm or other business models in this post. That would actually be impossible as they are constantly hybridizing. But what I hope to shed some light on is the basic mlm business model and why it is still working today.

In Light of The Highly Publicized Zeek Rewards Closure.. Why The MLM Business Model Still Works Best

I don’t know maybe I am crazy‚ I never thought something that didn’t take an investment was real. I have experimented with a few‚ one that had an “upgrade” to 3 programs.

The problem I saw was that most will not upgrade. If people are promised Free for no Work they will assume there is no place where they really have to come up to a place of “Paid” and “Work.”That is also a big problem with the Government today‚ it promises no work for its Welfare.

To me I believe that someone that is not willing to invest in their business is not really looking for a business they are looking for a handout.
Now this is not to say that people don’t ever work for their business‚ but it is important to know the difference. And the only reason I am bringing up Zeek Rewards is that it is in the news‚ I am not saying that I know all the ins and out or how it works‚ and I am not saying that the members were looking for welfare.
But merely pointing out that there are certain proven MLM Business Model principles that must be in place in order for a company to stand the test of time.

In Today’s World There Seems To Be A New Company Opening Its Doors Daily.. Lets Break Down The Basic Principles Of a MLM Business Model

Now you must understand that I was brought up in the MLM Business Model of Amway which if you look is still here‚ 50 years later. Much of what I believe about working here and now is from the Mlm Business Model and principles they taught.

I would be willing to bet you that if you polled many of the more seasoned Network Marketers of today‚ you would find that the majority of them were brought up in the MLM Business Model that was started by the oldest companies of the industry.

Most of them are still here today‚ because their foundation was solid. Such names as Shaklee‚ Amway and Herbalife‚ to name a few‚ they have stood the test of time.

What Were the MLM Business Model Points That They Taught?

1 — build up yourself (at that time through tapes)

2 — Talk to people

3 — Get them in front of a presentation

4 — Follow up

5 — Show them the Klout — introduce to other successful people (now a 3-way)

6 — Fill out the application ( now its your sign up page on the internet)

7 — Take their payment

8 — Get them started

9 — Put your new recruit on a monthlyauto-ship of the product or service the company sells

10 — Teach the principle to everyone new that you are a product of your product‚ you must use and endorse what you sell!

We Could Make Each Of Those MLM Business Model Points Into A Separate Blog Post

In fact I think that to truly understand the MLM Business Model of a particular company is the key way to find out if it is truly a real business or a ponzie sceme‚ and that would be another whole post.

But it is important to investigate the company and find out if they fit that model. Don’t be fooled by something that promises money for no real effort‚ in everything I have ever investigated‚ they have never been something that I believed would stand that test of time.

If you would like to see what I have decided is my home because it fits this perfectly‚ but also has the top trainers in the industry.


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