Use Declarations

Use Declarations To Build A New You! Have you been to the Millionaire Mind Intensive? They profess declarations. Its only a matter of getting positive in front of you daily

I am amazed and saddened how many people put themselves out of the winner’s circle without even trying.

“The economy is too bad to make a try.”

“I am getting used to living on less.”

“I am okay with not working at what I love‚ at least its a paycheck!”

And I get that everyday‚ NO NO AND NO. You can have more‚ but first comes belief!

To change those disempowering beliefs use statements or Declarations to change what we believe through repetition:

I expect excellence of myself and those around me

I am a great coach and cheerleader to myself and others

People like to be around me because I bring out the best in them

I let go of all doubts about my own abilities

My abilities are growing stronger today

I expect to win

Okay now create your own!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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