Using Fear To Hold People Bad Idea

Here is a problem I see a lot…

People get started in something.. and they are made to fear.. ever venturing beyond the MLM or system because the sponsor threatens that it means you lose the product.. mlm or system..

When someone uses fear to keep you… then you will never ever grow into the successful business person that you want to be..

If someone uses fear to keep you get away from them right away!
They are not doing that to help you.. but because of their own sense of lack!

Instead go where you can get help.. be cherished… be encouraged to grow.. be encouraged to branch out..

Because only then will you see the success that you want!

I know because for a long time.. the ones who claimed to be there to help me.. were holding me back..

“Don’t go over there… stay here..”

Its interesting now… the one I PURPOSELY CHOSE TO JOIN.. never ever does that..

He encourages me to grow to get better..

I never get messages from him telling me what I did wrong..


I get messages that say “You got this!”


He shows me where I am strong..


Guess what that does?


It encourages more growth… stronger leadership.. and less dependence!


You become an independent and strong marketer with the assurance that you are doing what it takes with the right steps‚ and the right tools…


Because its not what you buy that counts.. its who you connect with..


That is the major difference that has grown our VIP Lounge a group of marketers.. lifting and teaching and helping each other to grow..


And when you are in the company of Entrepreneurs who truly get that its about building people then that is what happens.. stronger‚ more confident marketers who love who they are becoming!


Because it matters how you are treated.. and you never forget it!




message me and lets get you building a real income in 2015 cause we are still at the beginning and I know you can do it!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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