Using Good Mentorship To Fill In The Knowledge Gap


What is the MOST Important Thing Every Network Marketer Must Absolutely Have To Be Successful?

Plain and simple. It’s the “COACHING of your MENTOR!.” Show me a successful marketer‚and I’ll show you a private coach or mentor that helped get them there.

When your sponsor is as new as you are

Often your sponsor is just as knowledgeable as you in the business and rely on a leader in the group to teach and motivate them.

I have often found that my sponsor is below my knowledge and level of personal development which if they mentor can actually detract from your growth.

Mentors are not always your sponsor

More than once the person who was my upline was not the mentor I needed. They could be way below your ability level.

They could be totally inactive. Or on the other hand‚ they could be so successful they have forgotten that new people need help.

Although a mentor is usually in your upline sometimes they are not your sponsor.

Sometimes also a mentor can help even if you are not directly connected with them.

Sometimes you can find that you have become an ‘orphan’ because you have been alone without any help or support. Sometimes you can become a recipient of their care.

When Your Mentor is not in your company

One person I spoke with said that he found mentors in many different niches that have guided him in the direction of his business.

Many are coaches who are almost unknown in this business and completely NOT involved in the direct sales industry.

Although I caution you to check them out very very carefully first‚ its best to ask for credentials when employing this tactic.

Here is a key point: we actually need to be open to the possibility that anyone who has the leadership and ability to mentor you at above your current level is the one you are seeking.

It could in some cases be cross-line‚ (I have done that before) It could also be someone not connected with your company.

Taking responsibility

One thing I have learned though is that people have to take their own responsibility to learn what they need for themselves. It is a matter of reaching out to others‚ like some of them have to you.

Many people need to connect to a true leader in their organizations‚ if they don’t they lose out on a great benefit.

It’s almost the first thing someone should do before they join a company and team… ie. can I speak with the group leader?

Most organizations have group calls‚ and 3-ways in which one of the key leaders can get on the phone with you and help you.

When you feel that you are lacking what you need then maybe its time to join in on another team participate in their meetings and events and conventions in their areas

Take the initiative to be introduced all the way up‚ and if you don’t get an introduction take it upon yourself to call them‚ they will be very excited to hear from you!

Actually I would like to open this up to anyone who has the leadership and ability to mentor you at your level or above‚ it could in some cases be cross-line‚ (I have done that before) It could also be someone not connected with your company.

Where to find mentors

Mentors can be found every where. Even here we learned about doing the business and especially about personal development.

You can even learn about things that your upline May not have discovered. Being a mentor to your own downline is a learning experience in itself.

When you find others turning to you as a mentor

When you are willing to help others build their teams then eventually they will help you build your team. The key thing is to always give without expecting to get anything.

It May be hard for someone new to get this but as you grow in value‚ you want to share what you have learned.

As you grow as a leader‚ remember that everyone need community‚ take the time to introduce your new people to the leaders and teachers of the group.

Give everyone the feeling of belonging‚ that is key to their willingness to learn and grow with you. Always be in the state of constantly improvement in order to increase your ability to help them.

I have truly left organizations which did not stretch me‚ or gave me too many “outs” because I could see that they would lead down instead of up!

This May be a bit radical but think about it‚ do they let you make excuses?

Then you are not growing! We truly have to be seeing ourselves on the next rungs of that ladder to success‚ and who can best help us get there.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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