What Is Value Are You Bringing To Your Market Place

What is value is really a question I know many are asking! This is a great subject and one I believe many misunderstand! I will share with you what I believe it is and help you to learn to both share value and to become more valuable in the market place! To start off‚ I shared this in Facebook today: I used to wonder and even be a little miffed when I didn’t get the training for free from people…

And I know now it was because I didn’t really understand what value was‚ and how to use it in the market place I even started out in the really early time on the internet years ago in one that advocated that theory.. I came to realize that if you have become more valuable you have every right to market what that is! So the real task every person must get is what is their value now‚ and how can they make themselves more valuable and more marketable? – Lynda Cromar — Future Talk And it began a lively discussion!

So What Is Value And How Are You Bringing Your Value To The Market Place?

What is value is something that many have kind of lost site of‚ they do not value anything. I see that as a serious breach in our society‚ that we expect everything for free!

The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become. ~ Jim Rohn

This is a time tested truth that many don’t get! You should always be in the place of becoming and sharing who you are. When we sell in the market place we are only as valuable as what we have become!

You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.~ Jim Rohn

You are precisely what you put into whatever you do. If you look at it only in what you get‚you will never understand the importance of bringing value to the market place. So in the discussion I took a picture of there was someone who began to complain about what he was asked to spend for a product or service.  Did you get what is wrong with that picture? Someone complaining has not only not found his own value‚ but he finds no value in others and what they offer either!


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