Vision Of What You Want

Have you ever looked through the bottom of a coke bottle (I mean the old thick glass ones)? Do you remember how everything looks distorted and bleary? When you don’t have a clear vision of what you want in building your MLM that is what you will have a bleary indistinct result‚ or no result at all!


Its almost always very seductive to just get into action‚ isn’t that what your upline tells you to do? Action without any plan is busy work. You need to concentrate your focus on what you truly want to accomplish with the correct action!

Spend time to define or re-define your actual goals and dreams and Why you are even doing this. Once you have done that your focus will be more clear. How to’s Many put their focus on the wrong thing.

There is a book out that is written by Brian Klemmer‚ the late founder of Klemmer and Associates. He founded a Personal Development seminar system to train people how to reach their dreams and goals. In this Book:

If How-To‘s Were Enough‚ We Would All Be Skinny‚ Rich and Happy!

He talks about how many get lost in the how to’s but never find success and why. (Great book by the way and I get nothing for recommending it). The industry is full of broken dreams because people buy a methodology before they truly buy into their dream.

What do I mean by “buy in”? I mean‚ they hope‚ they dream but they don’t really believe it. They look outside of themselves to create it‚ when we actually have the means to make it happen inside!

The methology or the mechanism that Brian speaks about will not come to you or even work until your dream becomes an intention.


Intention is the commitment inside of you that you will take whatever action necessary to create your dream. It doesn’t become an intention until you have both written it and spoken it‚ with making it real inside‚ measurable‚ and a time attached‚ yes a goal.

The How To Will Come When The Intention Is Clear!

Until you have a clear picture and intention of your goal the way to do it May not be clear! Now this is the opposite of the way most people think. “Tell me what to do and I will do it!”

But if you don’t know the destination of the action‚ how can you possibly know if it’s going to get you there? You see your powerful mind will create whatever you give it to create!


What pictures are you feeding your mind? Are you feeding it that you don’t believe you can have your dream? Now particularly in MLM Network Marketing‚ you have to see your goals happening before they do! You have to learn to create that picture of what that looks like.

When you do‚ the way to accomplish it will be revealed! How do I know? Because I have learned to do it!

Imagine Your Success

What does it look like? What will you be doing? Where will you be living? What will you be driving? You have to give it as much detail as you can. It works best to draw or write it out.

Take time to do this‚ in a time when you will not be interrupted! It must be what you really want because if it isn’t you might find yourself there anyway.

A Caution to Worriers!

You have gotten really good with those “what ifs” in the negative. I challenge you to take all of them and turn them on their head. Instead of those “what ifs” being negative turn them into positive!

“What if I could have the car I want to drive completely paid for?”

“What if I could live (place of your choice) without any bills?”

“What if I could go on vacation anytime I wanted to with the ones I care about most!”

Okay I think you get the idea‚ because things that you vividly imagine do come true


To Your Abundant Success!!

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