My Vision And What I Want You To Know About Me

I have come to realize that I have to build a vision more than a business..
What I mean by that is that I have to know what I want others to know about me..

My vision is all about helping thousands of people and particularly women reach their dreams..

I will achieve that not through a particular company but through choosing wisely the right kind of tools and training to help them.. As well as creating my own.

As I have said before it has to come from integrity and truth.
I will not use any tactics that are underhanded..

I will leave companies or people that have those practices.. That is my promise.

I understand that I hold the trust of many people..

Everything I share is within this vision.. so when you see more than one thing‚ understand it is about the vision not a company..

I do not believe you have to be tethered to a business.. indeed when any company starts to dictate how and when you can sell then that is no longer your business you have become a glorified employee..

It is up to me to use good judgement‚ and to examine the hearts and minds of those who represent any company of whose product I might want to represent..

If their heart and intent does not match mine‚ then I cannot do business with them..ever!

I firmly believe that it is through change of mindset‚ and through the right training that anyone can set themselves free!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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